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The simulations are targeted for three different groups: manager – first levels of management, high potentials – mid levels, and executive – senior leaders. The major components of the assessments include:  skills being observed in at least five leadership exercises, personality tendencies and motivations, learning agility, and ability to execute business strategies.

The assessment simulations are designed to help organizations identify and develop a pool of talented leaders. They are being used in conjunction with succession planning, identifying high potentials, leadership development, promotions, and hiring.

Simulation Objectives:


·       Provide specific data on competencies for targeted leadership development.

·       Ensure a pipeline of talent for the future.

·       Create a more unbiased and objective process to use in hiring and promotions.

·       Decrease the loss of high potential talent.

·       Increase the overall effectiveness of leaders.

This is a suite of assessment simulations designed to measure an individual’s readiness to execute specific business strategies.  Each person participates in a three-hour virtual simulation that involves a case analysis, emails, phone calls, and a presentation. When the exercise is completed, the individual receives a comprehensive computer-based interactive report detailing skill strengths and areas for improvement, personality characteristics, readiness for specific leadership opportunities, and a customized development plan.  
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