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An organization’s continued success requires a cadre of leaders and professionals highly skilled in the art and science of making the right call. This concept is the focus of Decision Mojo.
Business Consultant


Decision Mojo is a highly experiential and challenging virtual program in which participants are challenged with a business case and are put in various decision situations designed to replicate reality. Some situations require making the call directly and others require an ability to break down the situation and develop an appropriate decision strategy, either individually or through effectively engaging others in the decision process.















Drawing heavily on much of the most recent research in decision theory and behavioral economics, cognitive science, and neuroscience, this program teaches skills and techniques for making sound decisions in conditions of uncertainty and high pressure.

Simulation Objectives:


  • Illuminating a particular cognitive factor or blind spot that influences a decision process or outcome.

  • Learning and practicing a specific technique or approach for making a certain type of decision.

  • Exploring strategies for potential decisions the participants may encounter.

  • Providing participants with a comprehensive set of tools to help them continue applying and refining their decision-making skills on an ongoing basis.



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