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Duration1.5 Days

This engaging, competitive business simulation is designed for mid to senior level leaders.  This simulation will help participants understand the importance of thinking strategically and remaining agile in a fast changing marketplace.

They form into teams and each person takes on a specific role – Marketing and Sales, Development and Services, Planning and Delivery, and Finance and Control. Participants quickly learn what drives value and gets results: attracting the right customers, offering the right product/service mix, and delivering with excellence.

Each team decides on their market strategy and they have to be on their toes and think strategically in order to succeed. They quickly learn that success is a moving target and they need to be smart about sticking with their strategies as well as being flexible to the changing marketplace.

Participants have an opportunity to deal with concepts related to customer segmentation, wisely using resources to deliver what the customer wants, assessing the profitability of products/services and ensuring the right portfolio mix is offered, positioning and branding, and operational efficiencies.

This simulation provides many opportunities for participants to draw conclusions about their own areas of responsibility and how they contribute to the successful execution of your strategies.

Simulation Objectives:

  • Gain a common frame of reference related to your business strategies.

  • Understand the importance of identifying priorities – you cannot be all things to all people.

  • Identify the key value drivers of business and how to work with these to get the greatest impact.

  • Understand potential areas for improvement and ways to positively contribute to strategy execution.

  • Assess a P&L from a short and long-term perspective to make wise business decisions.

Organizations Conducting this Simulation: 

  • Intel

  • Aetna

  • Land O’Lakes

  • Amdocs

  • Holcim

  • Black & Veatch 

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