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Duration1.5 Days

This is an intense board-based business simulation in which teams compete for customers, markets and profit. They develop their unique strategies related to sales and marketing, R&D, production and financing the business. They then actually see how their decisions not only impact the bottom line but also how decisions in one functional area impact other parts of the business.

Participants gain a greater understanding of what actually drives shareholder value. They also appreciate the power of thinking more strategically.  This program has been described as a day and a half MBA.  It is designed for mid-level managers, high potentials, and helps salespeople better understand their customers' business challenges.

Simulation Objectives:

  • Demonstrates the impact to profitability when the supply chain is effectively managed.

  • Provides a solid understanding of cash flow, financial indicators, financial statements and the types of decisions and actions that impact profitability so that better business decisions can be made.

  • Sets up an opportunity for participants to experience how functioning as effective teams impacts the company’s overall performance.

  • Increases understanding of key business concepts (market positioning, profit strategies, maximizing return on investments, etc.).

  • Helps participants to understand the effects of various strategies such as investments in quality improvement, manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing flexibility, and research and development.

Organizations Conducting this Simulation: 

  • Intel

  • Oracle

  • IBM

  • GE

  • Data General

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