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Duration1 Day

This is a hands-on simulation that enables health care professionals to understand their role in contributing to the financial success of your organization.  Participants learn how they directly impact earnings, cash flow, and performance measures.

Participants work in teams and manage a simulated health care organization in today’s demanding environment.  They deal with challenges related to staff scheduling, patient mix, re-admissions, capacity utilization, reducing costs, and creating efficiencies.  While exploring the factors that impact an organization's financial statements they develop a stronger business sense that will help guide their future decisions.

Simulation Objectives:

  • Increase staff involvement and commitment.

  • Create a greater understanding of how to contribute to financial and performance goals of the organization.

  • Realize how various strategies impact the financials.

  • Understand the big picture and how one function (department, unit) impacts all others.

  • Communicate important information in connection with organizational changes.

  • Understand financial statements and financial performance indicators.

  • Understand the importance of cash flow.

  • Promote creative thinking to pave the way for continual improvements.

Organizations Conducting this Simulation: 

  • Cleveland Clinic

  • Summa Health

  • Dover Hospital

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